Welcome to Johan Huybregts website

Welcome to my website,

After the many good results and championships that I in Zundert(Netherlands) I realized I moved to Hoogstraten in Belgium. I played in the strong club in Sint Job, there I got my first good results and championships in Belgium, among other things three times 2nd prize National Zone B1.

Due to circumstances I in October 2015 moved again, this time to Merksplas.

So I'm back and building up an now I have a nice team of yearlings that are ready for the season 2017. 32 Hens for the small distance(500-700km) in 16 Cocks for Middle distance(382km).

Due to the two moves my breeding loft became stronger because I only brought my best racers and breeders from Zundert and my best racers from Hoogstraten. My tribe is made up of only top pigeons who won several first prizes ace or have been.

Have fun on my website,
Johan Huybregts

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