BE11-6285465 “Eykad”


This blue super cock managed to qualify twice 2nd in heavy flights.(Bourges 1214 mpm Poitiers 1056 mpm). And this on one of the longest distances. !

2th National Bourges Zone B1 (510 km) against 3750 National pigeon which was good for site 57 against 22663 opponents.
2e National Zone B1 Poitiers (646 km) against 1994 pigeons this was 61st National against 12379 pigeons.

Along paternal (Super Eye) Koopman Blood Kleine Dirk by Pieter Veenstra and 50% Pokemon, his mother was a super breeding hen. She is mother of Eykad and Crack 008 !! and a good racer(fastest 12908 pigeons) This stems back from the dark white flight Cadet.

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