Pipe 2006

One Million Euro Race in Shanghai

The semi-finals of the One Million Euro Race Shanghai was won by the combination formed for this race J.Peeters&zn from Bergen op Zoom and Johan Huybregts from Zundert, This first place was good for € 9,000,–

The final was postponed because of the bad conditions to Monday 20 november,Miraculously it was this morning but heavy weather pigeons and doves were released at 8.10 hour, after visiting the lofts the Dutch delegation was headed by Gea Veenstra(who acted as coordinator for Netherlands) anxiously for the birds predictions of the arrival time were still waiting whatsoever apart, then to 15.12 hours a group of 5 pigeon lofts approached was a loud applause after some hesitation the pigeons walked one by one inside with only a difference of 7 seconds was the first European pigeon owners J.Peeters&zn from Bergen op Zoom and Johan Huybregts from Zundert over the antenna and clinched the fourth spot after 5 minutes followed again 2 Dutch pigeons from Gerard Koopman pigeon jump in first followed by the 2nd pigeon Peeters-Huybregts therewith places 7 in 8 least, with a 10th and 19th place the Dutch success was complete.
The first European pigeon in the final was a cross of a grandson of small dirk by J.Peeters&Zn was purchased from Pieter Veenstra in Drachtstercompagnie and a hen from Johan Huybregts, this pigeon brought a handsome sum of € 5,000,–

The pigeon 06-1226667 a pup General Johan Huybregts which themselves 7 first prizes flew was with the 8th place in the final and victory in the semifinals the best pigeon One million euro race and put on sale therefore the most and do the tune of € 12,000,–

Places Dutch and Belgians;
4-8-95-108(4v.d.7) Peeters-Huybregts Bergen op Zoom / Zundert
7-10-19 C&G Koopman Ermerveen
25 P.Vaessen-G.Fix Koningsbos
26 C.Hanegraag Nuland
44 j.Koehoorn Veenendaal
64 P.Veenstra Drachtstercompagnie
143-148 Marc De Cock Belgium
151 Bieseman-Bosman Belgie

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