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Johan Huybregts – Zundert (NL) 1e hokkampioen dagfond Brabant 2000

This fancier to propose is actually as good as superfluous. For years he played at the top in the region Zundert, Rayon 3 and in the entire department Brabant 2000 with over 2400 membership. At national level, he played a very good match with the apparent achievement of the 3rd national championship in middle distance 2007.

This time I visit for making a report, because he also 2009 Weather was by himself uttered by obtaining the 1st hokkampioenschap middle distance in the strong division 2 Brabant 2000.

Johan Huybregts can be scaled with the younger fans in our sport. However, he is no newcomer. After his father is deceased, He took over the helm. In the late eighties and early nineties an important role football played in the life of Johan. The pigeon was clearly an afterthought. But that changed when, shot performance with the pigeons also up strongly. If you can call some keywords that describe Johan, are certainly consistent, careful, punctual and very motivated to. Just like in football, He tried also in the sport to extract the highest possible and prove results, that sounds very good to him.

the lover
Right away 24 couples old birds, 10 torque growers and about 70 youngsters Johan certainly not one of the bigger fans. This year they played with 20 cocks in classic widowhood and 10 hens on widowhood coupled in April were the breeding cocks.. He's a real player program, all pigeons from the first flight to the basket. After the first middle distance race the team is separated and the pigeons have to complete the middle distance program to 14 played days. As mentioned, is played here throughout the program except for the overnight.

The goal is to perform at each flight which is basketed. De midfond- and middle distance races enjoy his preference. They work especially going. perform at the speed races is beautiful, but because never shown before basketing and the hens were paired very late, can on these flights not world performance expected, though he was 2008 or 1st champion Vitesse rayon 3 Br. 2000.

The pigeons are normally here, coupled with the Christmas holiday. Johan then has a week off and then all time. This year was a little exception here in connection with a visit to the races and China were linked early January. After the boy raised the old birds are separated. Because there later this year coupled normal, the pigeons were not reconnected. Something which normally is always the case. Since the performances this year were the same or even better than other years, maintaining this coming year.
Classic widowhood with cocks and hens here preferred. A partner is ready to sit at homecoming. The idea behind this is that motivation is retained for longer. The pigeons are fed at the beginning of the week with Beyers Zoontjens mix and to the end of the week they get Beyers widowhood. They get on out of beer yeast over the food with vitamin c beverage and Johan used regularly dexotronic of Oropharma. Johan believes that many fanciers give too many byproducts, immoderate far. This is all superstition, and according to him totally unnecessary.

In the medical field, he relies on drs. Henk de Weerd. Johan thinks there's something going on, he takes us for an inquiry. Only if there is something wrong, is taken as. Johan believes totally in cures of 1 day or disinfection. If there's something going on, there must be properly engaged with the right drugs. Otherwise, the idea is, it works only counterproductive or that drugs no longer work if necessary.

De dagfond
In the middle distance races is there in recent years performed exceptionally well. So John was 1st General champion Fond club South Netherlands young and old 2006, 3e National Champion Middle Distance 2007 and now 2009 1e hokkampioen dagfond Brabant 2000. The national ranking is not yet known at this time. That all this is achieved with a few pigeons has now become clear. For the first day long distance flight is split in half the plow pigeons. Older pigeons played mainly come from the Van Herk and Gijzen line on the middle distance and the other pigeons and yearlings especially in the middle distance. Johan says even, that his best pigeons from the other lines do not dare to play on the middle distance. Would he then go play better on those flights? Yearlings be very careful. Only the two shortest races they are basketed and this still just as there is not too much is given again. Here, you jump very careful with the pigeons. In contrast to other top lofts in the Netherlands is still played at the head here with pigeons from 4 in 5 years old.

After he past year are the absolute top 03-910 in of 02-106 was put on the breeding loft, He did not expect to throw again excellent chance this year. Nothing could have been true. Two sons of this cock took on fantastic.
Between the races the pigeons are given a weekend rest. They are therefore not patched. However, they are then put on Saturday morning in the basket for the return of the middle distance pigeons. This is because they are different between the troubled hens too long waiting for the return of their cock. During the week the cocks for the middle distance are simply passed as the middle distance pigeons. This is not optimal, according to Johan, but given the performance has not much influence. For basketing the hens are never shown. At the beginning of the season the yearlings have the game yet to master, but when they realize it once there are no more disadvantages, only benefits. It is much easier, performance suffering is totally under and perhaps the pigeons keep the game even more full well.

From May, the pigeons train twice a day. In the morning the birds are locked one hour, Evening three minutes and then they get at least a quarter open loft, so they can play around the loft. That much training is not always a must, has the 03-910 show. This cock was training less than ten minutes per week, better now Johan has so far never had.

Lofts and companion
In the beautifully landscaped backyard are some functional, but certainly not large pens. Given the size of the team is a spacious property not necessary. There are two boxes for twelve widowers. There is also a loft 4 meters for the youngsters and space for growers. Upstairs in the barn there are further 5 different bins designed for the single purchased toppers. Since 2005 Johan has a very good friendship with Cornald Peeters from Bergen op Zoom ( 1e nat. Bordeaux 2009). Cornald came when pigeons buy Johan and since then they have almost daily contact. They have, as it were beaten hands together and purchased at many top lofts in the Netherlands pigeons, I include Merchant and Veenstra, and take a name Peeters / Huybregts participate in various one loft races i.a.. in China. And with great success. In 2006 be ze

e.g. 4e in the final race of the Shanghai race and they had the ace. Together they have been five times in the land of the rising sun there to have a great holiday pigeons. The pigeons that are purchased are systematically linked to the best pigeons Johan order to try to get a better strain of pigeons.

Toppers in the loft
The absolute top pigeon of the past year was the Crack 008 05-0537008. This beautiful rugged scratch white flight cock was already 8th gold crack the Fond Club Zuid in Netherlands 2005 and managed even in the following years 10 time to place in the top ten on the middle distance races in the CC Region Zundert. In 2009 He was clearly the standard bearer in the loft of Johan by the 1st ace pigeon in the region Zundert and rayon 3 Br 2000 finish and 3rd pigeon champion in the overall division Br 2000 to end. count for championship 4 of the 5 flee. He won the following awards. Bourges 121e 14020 DVN, Argenton 732e 9817 DVN, Blois 354e 9334 DVN, Ruffec 15e 6494 DVN, Chateauroux 133e 6717 DVN

His father is the absolute top pigeon in recent years on the loft. It is the 10 vd Gray, 03-0350910 which comes out of the line of Gus Johan welke comes from the former top player Cees Gijzen from Saint Willibrord. This cock was partly responsible for that 3rd national championship in middle distance 2007 was achieved. From mother's side, he descends from the Cadet line which comes from C . van Herk and zn. from Netersel. We also see it in his pedigree Peronneke 96-780 which in many top pigeons found in the pedigree is.

Another highlight is the 06-0735471. This super talented as he is called by Johan, knew as 9th pigeon champion in Br. 2000 to classify and as 6e of rayon 3. His father is the other star of the recent years 02-106. Maternal side we arrive at what Peronneke The weather was a daughter of Den Gijs. It is i.a.. the mother of the pigeon that Johan and his mate Cornald Peeters ace was the One Million Dollar Race in Shanghai.

certainly allowed the 07-2140175 to be mentioned. A cock that was not explicitly highlighted by Johan during our conversation, but 4th pigeon champion Rayon 3 and was just very strong 5 on 5 played in 2009. Van de Mar-Gil 08-3830310 Much is expected in the future. This year he was twice basketed on the middle distance and do in Blois and Chateauroux and both times he managed to qualify early. His father comes directly from Gerard Koopman, Gilmour line x Marijke, and his mother is a daughter of the aforementioned Peronneke.

Below the performance in the Dept 2 Br. 2000
Bourges 23/5, 14020 DVN. 115, 121, 181, 453, 716, etc.. 2E CC Region Zundert
Argenton 7/6, 9817 DVN, 29, 732, 1557 etc., 1E CC Region Zundert
Blois 20/6, 9334 DVN, 24, 25, 26, 44, 70, 126 etc.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 CC Region Zundert
Ruffec 4/7, 6494 DVN, 15, 74, 87, 102, 138 etc.. 4, 8 CC Region Zundert
Chateauroux 18/7, 6717 DVN, 78, 125, 133, 200, 204 etc.. 3, 7 CC Region Zundert

I was visiting one of the toppers Brabant 2000 rich. Johan knows how difficult it is to reach the top and stay there. That sounds good to him in recent years is clear from this report. Given the fanaticism of the fans and the quality of the birds I've seen here, I believe that we are called J. Huybregts often will come across in the top of the results.


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