Young Witbuik

“Young Witbuik” the combination Embregts Theunis from Hoeven is again 50% kind Huybregts, and comes from a daughter of Mister Montlucon.

As already written Young Witbuik the last child of the Witbuik. See his pedigree here.

Young Witbuik went straight into the breeding loft where he 2010 father of Miss Gold Nugget (6e NPO Orleans 8.136 d. and 5th Ace Brabant 2000). In 2012 Bluestar was born, a super hen with 1st Ace Brabant 2000 and Golden Crack FZN her birth. Afterwards she has produced several 1st prize winners in the breeding. Also this year, plays a young (2016) Young Witbuik another 3rd NPO Tongeren.

Miss Gold Nugget also proved to be the breeder of exceptional class. So she was o.a. mother Super Rossi (10 x 1st prize), Space Girl (3e NPO Sezanne), Broer Super Rossi (11e Nat. Chateauroux) Valentino (1e against 8.000 d). In 2012 she gave back 3 sisters who all brought forth toppers. In 2013 Unfortunately it was dead in the nest after laying her 1st egg, and that one egg crawled her latest young, Last Son Goldnugget (full brother Super Rossi). Her children were found to inherit again fine by:

  • Spacegirl mother of 5th NPO Argenton, 2e NPO Orleans en 9e NPO Chateauroux
  • Miss Rocket mother of New Goldstar, 1e NPO Fontenay in Fast Jewel, 5e Asduif Brabant 2000
  • Beauty Nugget mother Amazing Nugget 3rd Ace Young WHZB
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